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Many restaurant owners will rely on their staff to clean their commercial kitchens as well as restaurant hood cleaning. While you trust your staff to do the right thing you may be overlooking the ongoing problem of grease build up in the nooks and crannies of your kitchen. Not to mention grease build up on your roof!

Grease can be a sneaky thing. It will creep and crawl in the smallest of spaces and seem impossible to remove. These places can start to develop bacteria and mold not to mention attracting insects and rodents! This can cause the worst possible scenario, spreading of disease to your work surfaces and onto food.

If you get one customer who gets food poisoning it could tarnish your business for years. Not to mention getting the attention of health inspectors. Health inspectors are not your enemy, they are there to be sure all your food products are handled and prepared according to local and state regulations.

Keep in mind, health inspectors will usually inspect a commercial kitchen between one and four times per year depending on what they found the previous visit. That is why it is so important to have a profession perform your restaurant hood cleaning.

At Arlington Hood Cleaning we have trained, licensed and certified professionals who know how to do restaurant hood cleaning. They will first cover your floor to prevent any unwanted stains. Then using environmentally safe chemicals, they will spray your hood to start the degreasing process.

In some cases where there is a lot of build-up, we will have to scrape the area first before we apply the chemicals. Once it has set awhile, we use hot water and pressure washers to spray down the equipment to get the best restaurant hood cleaning you have ever seen. We will polish your exhaust hood, so it will look and perform like new.

The team at Arlington Hood Cleaning is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We understand you cannot shut down your kitchen during business hours, so we work around your schedule to perform your restaurant hood cleaning. We understand all kitchens are not constructed the same, so we recommend having one of our professionals come out and give you an estimate for restaurant hood cleaning.

We can take before and after pictures while we are doing your restaurant hood cleaning. This is good to have on hand, so you show not only the health inspector that you have hired a professional, but you can also show your insurance company. A regular cleaning may just keep your insurance rates down. We will also provide you with a certificate showing you had your exhaust hood professionals cleaned.

Arlington Hood Cleaning is also qualified to change out the hinges on your restaurant hood. While we are there, we can inspect your grease traps and filters to be sure they are clean of debris that could clog them up.

Arlington Hood Cleaning is licensed, bonded and certified to perform restaurant hood cleaning Arlington, TX and surrounding areas.



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