Restaurant Cleaning

The first thing you should do to prepare for a health inspection is schedule a restaurant cleaning.  Keep in mind a health inspector could visit your establishment any time up to four times a year.  Their goal is not to shut you down, but to be sure your staff is practicing the proper food safety standards.

Your employees should be able to tell the health inspector what color containers contain what food item.  For example, green is for produce, blue is for fish and red is for meat.  Using system like this, will help you avoid cross contamination.

There are many regulatory agencies to comply with in the restaurant business.  The Food and Drug Administration, for example, oversees domestic companies that package, produce, handle transport food in the United States.  Restaurants are subject to state and local health departments.

Arlington Hood Cleanings has a team of professionals who are trained, bonded and licensed in restaurant cleaning.  We can come into your commercial kitchen and give you an estimate of what it would take to do the initial full restaurant cleaning.  We can then schedule subsequent restaurant cleanings on a regular basis.

The advantage of scheduling regular restaurant cleanings is you will prevent buildup of grease and grime in your commercial kitchen.  Grease has a sneaky way of building up in the smallest of places.  Not only will this cause the growth of mold and bacteria, it can also present a serious fire danger.

The professionals at Arlington Hood Cleaning specialize in removing this grease in all the hard to reach places.  In between equipment, the cracks in shelves and behind and under your refrigerator, freezer and fryer.  We will also inspect your entire kitchen even the roof to be sure you are not getting buildup.

If you do not have your roof inspected grease can build up which can be not only a fire hazard it can be an environmental hazard.  If it rains, grease can run down the sides of your building into storm drains.  You could be subject to fines and possibly have your restaurant shut down.  Rooftop grease can also cause major damage to your rooftop which would be expensive to have removed and replaced.

So, this comes down to hiring a professional for your restaurant cleaning.  Arlington Hood Cleaning takes pride in their work and will leave your commercial kitchen looking like new.  We not only get out the grease and grime, we will polish your exhaust hoods so they look almost new.  This will impress not only your staff but your patrons as well.

When you use a bonded, licensed and trained service like Arlington Hood Cleaning for your restaurant cleaning, you could also prevent your business from losing points when the health inspector does his surprise visit.  We give you the option to have before and after pictures taken so you can show evidence of the restaurant cleaning.  We will also give you a certificate you can proudly hand in your kitchen for your employees and clients to see.



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