Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Daily restaurant cleaning is imperative to any well-run establishment.  Here Is a list of items that should be performed daily by your staff:

  • Clean and disinfect all of the tables
  • Disinfect salt and pepper shakers and any other condiment that is left on the tables
  • Scrub down the walls and counters
  • Brush off the seats and or benches
  • Use a washing machine to clean the tablecloths, employee aprons and cloth napkins as well as rags and towels
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum all the floors, don’t forget storage areas as well as walk in refrigerators
  • Clean the trash and recycling bins inside and out
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Clean the kitchen by washing down the walls, cleaning the grill, range, fryer and other equipment that is used
  • Remove any foil linings and replace them with fresh foil
  • Disinfect all the smaller equipment like the coffee maker, toaster, meat slicer and microwave
  • Sanitize all areas food is prepared
  • In your bars, clean the tips of the guns and beverage dispenser heads
  • Wash all the dish ware, utensils, silverware and glasses and set them dry overnight
  • Replace paper towels if needed and top off liquid soap dispensers

Even though they are doing a great job, you should consider hiring a professional for a thorough commercial kitchen cleaning.  The professionals at Arlington Hood Cleaning are bonded, licensed and certified to get the job done.  They specialize in grease build up removal.  Grease is a sticky thing that can insert itself in the smallest of spaces.  If these spaces, go unattended for a period of time, mold and bacteria can build up.  This not only can cause a fire hazard it can also attract rodents and insects.  Left undetected they can come out at night and contaminate the very surfaces you staff just sanitized.

Should you experience any rodent or insect infestation we recommend you call a professional bug and or rodent exterminator.  We can do your commercial kitchen cleaning but cannot guarantee it will take care of your pest issue.  Your pest issue may not be from grease build up, keep in mind your restaurant is constantly receiving food and equipment in card board boxes.  These items can get populated by roaches who will lay their eggs.

We know our name says we are hood cleaners but we at Austin Hood Cleaning can do so much more.  Commercial kitchen cleaning is one of our specialties.  Not only do we do commercial kitchen cleaning we also specialize in making sure your kitchen is efficient and safe for food preparation.  We can clean your kitchen exhaust system, dishwashers and change any filters that are getting clogged up.  With our extensive training and years of experience we will make your kitchen and perform like new.

Arlington Hood Cleaning is waiting for your call today.  They will schedule a time to come out to your restaurant and do a thorough inspection as well as give you an estimate of a full commercial kitchen cleaning.  Be sure to ask about our commercial kitchen cleaning maintenance program.  We can schedule in advance monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual cleanings you may not thought necessary.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Picture
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Photo