Exhaust Hood Cleaning

You have chosen to open a restaurant in the Arlington, Texas area and now you need to think about exhaust hood cleaning.  As an experienced restaurant owner, you know it is important to maintain a regular schedule not only to have your commercial kitchen cleaned, you need to focus on the exhaust hood.

Arlington Hood Cleaning is the company you can use as your “go to” for exhaust hood cleaning.  Our professionals are trained, bonded, licensed and certified to clean your kitchen top to bottom.  Our team is ready to schedule a time to meet with you to give you a free estimate.  As you know, not all kitchens are built the same, so it can be difficult to give you a quote over the phone.

Once you have come to an agreement, we will schedule a time to do your exhaust hood cleaning when your restaurant is closed.  We understand it is difficult to shut down your kitchen during work hours so that is why we offer a twenty-four hour seven day a week cleaning option.

At Arlington Hood Cleaning, we understand that you are subject to health inspections so upon request, we will take before and after pictures of your exhaust hood cleaning for your records.  We will also supply you with a certificate of cleaning.  Not only will this be handy with a health inspector, it can be used to show your insurance company you are doing your due-diligence to keep your restaurant clean and up to NFPA 96 standards.

As you may be aware the NFPA 96 Fire Code Guide outlines the code of standards for fire protection and ventilation control for commercial kitchens.

Arlington Hood Cleaning also specializes in rooftop grease containment.  While we are doing your exhaust hood cleaning, we will inspect your rooftop.  Grease that accumulates on your rooftop is not only a fire hazard it is an environmental hazard.  If it rains and your grease winds up in the storm drain, you could be subject to serious fines.   The grease can build up and run down your walls.  It can damage the integrity of the roof which could lead to the breaking down of the roofing material which can be expensive to remove and replace.

Grease is a sneaky thing as it not only can accumulate on your roof, it can also seep into the smallest of spaces.  This can cause mold and bacteria growth and attract unwanted pests like insects and or rodents.  This can cause cross contamination of your work surfaces and sneak into the food you are planning of serving to your customers.  Last thing you need is for a customer to get sick.  They will tell everyone they know to not go your restaurant and they will never return.  And with the advent of the internet restaurant reviews are huge!

Depending on your employees to do your exhaust hood cleaning.  Fact of life they don’t have the investment you do in your restaurant.  There may be times they are tired and just want to get home.  They will clean up some but may not do the deep cleaning you expect.

That is why you need to call Arlington Hood Cleaning today.  We are licensed, bonded and certified to do exhaust hood cleaning.

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning Picture
Exhaust Hood Cleaning Photo