We Clean Entire Exhaust Systems from Rooftop to Cooktops

Arlington Hood Cleaning is second to none when it comes to hood cleaning. We conduct full cleaning jobs, everything from the roof, the fan, and any accessible duct to the kitchen exhaust hood. We clean interior and exterior of exhaust hoods in those hard to reach spots that nobody ever cleans. We also clean and/or replace grease baffle filters and hood filters.

Our cleaning crew members become fully certified as well as properly trained to do everything they need to work in your restaurant or kitchen. They fully inspect and clean to exceed your needs and the NFPA-96 rules. They also take photos of all spots that are critical points in the kitchen exhaust system for inspectors to show you what to watch out for. They also inspect and photograph the roof to give you any warnings or issues in that area. This keeps your mind free of stress and gives you the confidence that you will pass an inspection. We want your system maintained to the best standard and free of grease. Make sure to give Arlington Hood Cleaning a call to get your kitchen looking great!

Where did we start?

Well, it’s an interesting story really. As a child, I was living in a split household where my mother was living in Arlington and my father was in Boston. I found myself in a difficult position because whenever I traveled between Boston and Arlington, I wasn’t able to hold a job bouncing between two cities. I talked with a friend of the family and he invited me to work with his cleaning company in Boston. I took a position with him as a crew member and started learning all about hood cleaning.

I worked for him for several months and I began meeting many different people, many of which were restaurant owners or managers. Next time I was back in Arlington, I searched for a company to work for. While I was going to college in Arlington, I continued working and learning about the business. I got a degree in business and eventually, I knew that I wanted to own my own company one day. The skills I learned in that cleaning company gave me the confidence to start my own company where I specialized in hood cleaning. My goal was to form a solid team that shares the same passions as I did and I wanted to give them an incentive to continue working for me. I taught them that exceptional customer service would be one of our core values and my business was definitely growing because of it.

I really hope that you enjoy learning about myself, the business, and how we started. I want to continue to grow and expand as far as I can. I believe I will be the best hood cleaning company in New York in no time as long as I continue to really care about my clients and the restaurants of Arlington.

If you want to learn more about our company and how we can help you like we helped hundreds of others, please give us a call.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you.


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