Hood Cleaning 5 Star Review | Arlington TX

The guy we used for years to clean our hoods retired and sold his book a business to another company.  They did the worst job I have ever seen!  Fortunately, we found Arlington Hood Cleaning on the internet.  They did a great job and I am confident we will be using them for years to come.

David Alvarez

Hood Cleaning 5 Star Review | Arlington TX

I have been in the restaurant business for years and have used a lot of hood cleaning companies.  I found Arlington Hood Cleaning to be on time, do a great job and polish my hood to give it the "like new" appearance.

Dennis Andrews

Hood Cleaning 5 Star Review | Arlington TX

As a bookkeeper for a lot of restaurants, I noticed that the majority of them were using Arlington Hood Cleaning to clean their kitchen exhaust systems.  When I asked them what they thought of their work all of them responded with a positive review.

Becky April

Hood Cleaning 5 Star Review | Arlington TX

Working with Arlington Hood Cleaning has been a God send!  They are so easy to work with and do a great job every time.

Patty Arnot

Hood Cleaning 5 Star Review | Arlington TX

We have clients who ask to tour the kitchen before they will eat in our restaurant.  We have no hesitation with this request as we know Arlington Hood Cleaning keeps our commercial exhaust system spotless.

Kathleen Audet

Arlington Hood Cleaning

Arlington, Texas is a considered part of the Mid-Cities region of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  With a population of close too four hundred thousand there are many opportunities for a restaurant owner to consider Arlington an excellent place to open a new restaurant or buy an established business.

With a rich history as a farming and cotton-ginning center in the middle 1800’s, it has become a mecca for industrialization.  That means the median income gives the citizens extra cash to eat out frequently.

That is where you come in!  Whether you have a new or established business, you are going to want to use the best company to clean and maintain your investment.  At Arlington Hood Cleaning you can be assured we have the bonded, trained and certified professionals to keep clean your commercial kitchen on a regular basis.

Arlington Hood Cleaners will clean any type of commercial kitchen.  We have cleaned day care centers, public schools, twenty-four-hour fast food restaurants even food trucks.

Food trucks are becoming a very popular item.  People love to find a spot where there are multiple food trucks, so they can try a little bit from each wagon.  Food trucks have become so gourmet it is getting harder for stand-alone restaurants to compete.

One would wonder the popularity of breweries is because of food trucks.  Gastropubs, as they are also known, are popping up everywhere with a spin on American Cuisine.  Truffle fries and gourmet burgers are all the rage.  I even saw one that serves fried pig ears!  To add to their menu, they have a selection of beers that will please any pallet.

Many restaurant and food truck owners are not sure how often they should have their commercial kitchen and exhaust hoods cleaned. Average restaurants should schedule a cleaning every ninety days.  If your restaurant is doing high-volume, like a twenty-four-hour restaurant, you should schedule to have your commercial kitchen cleaned every thirty days.  Be sure to schedule your oven hoods at least once every one hundred and eighty days.  If your establishment is not used much such as a day camp, you could schedule a full cleaning at least once a year.  However, if you have a baffle system, be sure your employees clean it at the end of every shift.  You can run it through your dish washer but you may want to run the dishes first then the baffle.

The professionals at Arlington Hood Cleaning will take before and after pictures.  This will assure you are getting the best service possible.  It is also a great item to have available during a health inspection or to give your insurance company.  Both of them will be happy to know you are staying on top of the maintenance.

Arlington Hood Cleaning only environmentally safe chemicals that will not damage or discolor any of your equipment.  We coat your equipment with a light spray then let it sit for a while.  We will wash off the chemicals with a pressure washer and extremely hot water.  We then will polish your equipment, so it looks as close to new as possible.  Your equipment will run at a better capacity when it is clean.

What can happen if you don’t have your restaurant cleaned by a professional such as Arlington Hood Cleaning on a regular basis?  Grease gets everywhere, even places we cannot see.  If the grease is not cleaned it can cause mold and bacteria growth.  This will invite pests to come in as well.  They can track the mold and bacteria all over your working surfaces when your restaurant is closed.  Worst case a client gets sick and reports it to the local health inspector.

Arlington Hood Cleaning specializes in getting into the hard to reach places to remove grease build up.  In between and behind equipment, shelves, refrigerator and freezers.

Speaking of health inspectors, you should always be prepared for that unexpected visit.  A health inspectors goal is not to shut you down but to be sure you and your staff are handling food products based on local and state regulations.

You can expect a visit from health inspectors anywhere between one to four times per year.  You can bet if they found some issues, they will come by at least four times per year.

Make sure you have properly trained you employees on the colors of the food storage containers.  Each storage container should be used for one type of food, for example, poultry in the green container, seafood in the red container and vegetables in the clear container.  This will help prevent cross contamination.

As the manager/owner, it is imperative you keep an eye on the employees for safety issues.  This would include personal hygiene, cross-contamination and internal temperature requirements.

As the manager or owner of the restaurant, it is recommended you do random self-inspections.  This will keep your employees on their toes to be sure they are handling food properly.  Check with your local health department to find out the forms and regulations they use during an inspection.

Once you have done an unexpected self-inspection, be sure to review your results with the employees.  They may not know they are doing something wrong.  You don’t want to point fingers, just point out that there was an area you saw could use improvement.

Train your employees on the most current food safety regulations.  In many cases, saying you did not know a regulation was implemented will not get you a pass by the health inspector.

Know the NFPA 96 fire code guidelines.  You must have the minimum fire safety requirements based on the design of your commercial kitchen.  Arlington Hood Cleaning can give you some tips to stay within these guidelines.  Keep in mind that as the owner and or manager the onus falls on you to be sure you have the correct system to prevent commercial kitchen fires.

Fire codes don’t just apply to your commercial kitchen equipment.  It applies to electrical wiring, fan hinges and exhaust hoods.  It specifies approved upblast fans with motors.

So much for a commercial restaurant owner and manager to know.  You are invaluable to your restaurant so work with the professionals at Arlington Hood Cleaning to keep you in compliance and help you to keep your restaurant in compliance with the NFPA 96 fire codes.

Arlington Hood Cleaning is licensed, bonded and certified to perform all of your commercial kitchen cleaning needs.  We partner with Washington DC Hood Cleaning to help cover our national account clients.

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